AeroDynamix Inc. was established in 2001 to work as a manufacturers' representative for air moving equipment manufacturers. Product Offerings now include

  • Fans & Blowers

  • Specialty Blowers and Process Gas Compressors

  • Dampers, Silencers and Stacks 

  • Site Service and Assistance with solving fan issues and developing strategies to  increase fan output

  • Additional work has been performed in designing and coding fan selection and design software.

Owner Experience

  • The principal of AeroDynamix is Danny McKinnon MBA, P.Eng. who has more than 45 years experience with the design, selection, testing and sales of heavy industrial air moving equipment.
  • Danny has held senior positions including, Vice President Engineering, Vice President Sales, Design Engineer, R&D Engineer and product development.
  • Considerable experience with the application of Axial and Centrifugal fans used in the Mining, Petrochemical, Cement & Limestone, Pelletizing & Sinter Plants, Utility and Industrial Boiler industries.
  • Additional information is available at https://www.linkedin.com/in/danny-mckinnon-mba-p-eng-0b2b8845/

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